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eJOV – the electronic Journal of Organizational Virtualness

eJOV(Journal of Organizational Virtualness) is an academic medical journal for theoretical and empirical research related to virtual organisations and networks.

eJOV is destined to be high quality outlet for research publication with double blind review process. It draws on a wide research community studying network phenomena in various settings like industrial and commercial organizations, professionals, governments and administrations, care and health organizations, or non-profit organizations.

As an electronic journal eJOV aims at a fast publication cycle, based on good collaboration of both authors and reviewers. Moreover, the editors are committed to provide guidance to authors, who would like to get feedback on their abstracts.

eJOV aims at building a coherent body of knowledge in a currently widely fragmented field and support the building of a community of network researchers. We therefore encourage authors to relate to papers published in eJOV and explicitly state what contribution to extending or (re-) structuring the body of knowledge they intend.

eJOV encourages research and debate at the intersection of different disciplines like business administration, economics, information systems, computer science, engineering, or sociology. While eJOV pursues a methodological pluralism, it puts particular emphasis on qualitative and constructive research.

eJOV  has recently joined forces with VE-Forum that brings together relevant people, projects, and events in the domain.

eJOV is registered at the Swiss National Library. Its ISSN is 1422-9331. The Swiss National Library guarantees the availability of each issue not only on the Website but also in print. 

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